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       Feixian Dongyue gypsum Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongyue gypsum equipment") is a manufacturing technology enterprise specialized in gypsum equipment processing and production. Main products / businesses include: fully automatic gypsum board equipment, gypsum powder production equipment, fully automatic gypsum line equipment, paper gypsum line equipment, gypsum line equipment, etc.


        In 1993, Dongyue was established as the first private company in China to produce paper-based gypsum boards and manufacturing equipment.

        In 1997, developed the first set of paper surface gypsum board production equipment for drying oil in China.

        In 2003, the largest paper plasterboard production equipment in Asia was built.

        In 2008, successfully mastered the calcination process of desulfurized gypsum and phosphogypsum.

        In 2009, the world's largest production line for paper plaster line production was completed.

        In 2011, established technical cooperation with France Lafarge Building Materials Group, the world's third largest gypsum industry group.

        In 2012, successfully developed fully automatic plaster line production equipment.

        In 2014, China's largest steam drying process technology paper gypsum board production equipment was constructed.

        In 2016, Dongyue's gypsum cornice production line sold more than 500 set worldwide.

        In 2018, Research gypsum cornice automatic lamination machine.

        In 2019, Dongyue get Chinese National Invention Patent for lamination machine.

        So far, the company has undertaken more than 100 gypsum industry projects in the world. The annual output of the gypsum board project undertaken by the company has reached 180 million square meters, the annual output of the gypsum powder project has reached 2.6 million tons, and the annual output of the gypsum line has reached 20 million meters. The gypsum slurry consumed by the company's own equipment is over 7 million tons, and the gypsum slurry treatment technology is at the peak. We have 21 senior engineers and more than 30 kinds of gypsum special equipment. And obtained a number of national invention patents. The products have been well received by customers at home and abroad. Our company will, as always, adhere to the corporate spirit of "integrity, quality, innovation and pragmatism".

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